So Much Wow In One Day

I started out my day by looking at my semester grades. THEY FINALLY POSTED. This made me really happy because I finally earned Dean’s Honor Roll material!!πŸ˜„ This took some hard work and dedication. I felt like I didn’t try as hard as I have in previous semesters, but I also had more time to put toward schoolwork due to my super flexible work schedule, I could simply call in when I felt overwhelmed and in need of more time to prep for class or study for a critical exam. I also studied smarter, not harder…

It was a slight disappointment.Heyyyyy – this is my coffee while I was at my desk at work.

So! I was at work and decided I’d learn how to make some coffee. I was taught once but after about a week, I forgot already. I LEARNED. I tried what they called “Donut shop” flavored coffee, medium roast to be specific. I thought it would be sweet and taste like sprinkles for SOME REASON…. Pretty disappointed after my imagination ran away with me and gave me these high expectations… it tasted like basic coffee to me, to be honest. WHY? Why would a flavored coffee just taste like coffee?? The things I do not understand and may never…

To clear my taste buds and make them happy, I went back and fixed a hot chocolate (Dove, by the way, best chocolate everrrr) and that sucker was boooomb. But the machine doesn’t feel the mug but half full… that’s not enough >>insert tears<<

My best friend in the sunshine state snapchatted me and told me she receivedΒ her Christmas present in the mail πŸ˜„ so happy and glad she loves it! Love you Rachel M!

So, overall, a pretty good day! And that was just before noon πŸ˜‚

After I got off work, late afternoon, I met my dad at AutoZone (Is this an endorsement? No.) And that was a TRIP. We were there so he could purchase some new windsheild wiper blades for George (my car) as my Christmas present. George’s blades were so bad it was really sad… it took longer than it needed to, and I don’t want to talk bad about the poor man behind the counter but he seemed like he wasn’t an expert, just gave off that vibe, anyway. Dad has been asking if I want a new steering wheel cover because mine was tearing a while back and so i just took it off ane never have found a good one that actually goes on easily (is that even a thing though?) We’re at the counter and he’s like, go get one and I COULD NOT CHOOSE. They had the one that I originally had and then they had a really cool patterned one that was black and red that would look good when the dashboard lights were on, since they’re red… but you know what I ended up with??? A fluffy steering wheel (pictured below) that I didn’t think I’d actually like (Do I want to be that girl with the fluffy steering wheel? GUESS SO.), but I love it to the point it’s probably more of a distraction while I drive than anything πŸ˜‚ it’s so bad.

George is so cute ❀

Then, after all this went down, my mom, grandma and I went to Panera for dinner (which is weird because I wouldn’t think of Panera as a place to just go eat…) but it was so good! Highly recommend. Except I’m that weird person that orders a Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt without the avocado… ha ha.

Today was full of awesome surprises and it made my day to have so much happiness and craziness. I wish every day could be this crazy and exciting.

What are your thoughts on this?

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