My Cookies and Cream Fiasco

Last night, I thought it would be an awesome idea to heat up the Hershey’s cookies and cream cookies my grandma made during the day and then scoop some Blue Bell cookies and cream ice cream on top. Win, Winย here right?


I put those cookies in the microwave for 30 seconds, took them out, everything was peachy besides they were barely warm the way I like it and they were not even soft. I was salty, so I put them back in there for 30 more seconds. This was where it went bad really quick. After the 30 seconds, and the microwaved beeped, I opened the door and all this smoke came pouring out… that escalated quickly! I waited for the smoke to clear – couldn’t handle the heat, so I got out of kitchen? Ha ha… anyway, I pulled the bowl out and the cookies were so burnt in the middle somehow, AND THEY STILL WERE NOT SOFT. Hard as a rock. I do not understand because I heat up cookies and brownies all the time in that microwave.

So what happened after? I tried to eat them. I put the ice cream on top but it wasn’t that great. 1) Had to slosh everything out of bowl practically just to get the cookie cut. 2) I didn’t particular care for getting charred cookies in a bite… I did try to cut all that out and put it to the side though.

I’m staying away from cookies in microwave for a while. But lesson learned: cookies cannot handle a full minute in the microwave.

What are your thoughts on this?

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