Location And Teeth

So the real question today is… why do we brush our teeth in the bathroom and not in the kitchen? We’ve come to know that the acceptable place is the bathroom. BUT WHY? Who decided that? Who decided that the room that you do your business and take showers is appropriate for brushing teeth? I think one reason this bumfuzzles me is that many people gag at the thought of eating in a bathroom (that’s just gross) but yet choose freely, without a second thought, at brushing food out of their gums and spitting into a sink!

I’ve been informed that while all this may be true… the bathroom is where we get ready (in today’s time, mind you) for the day and so that makes sense! But who started THAT? I mean, in the 1700s, did people have formal wash rooms? Probably nooooot. Where did they brush their teeth? Did they at all? *insert more questions about centuries before*

If anyone finds out who came up with the grand idea of using the bathroom as a brushing-your-teeth room, let me know! I’m curious!

What are your thoughts on this?

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