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Dear Reader,

It’s not every day I go to Mardel, but when I do, I buy at least 2 books.

The other day was absolutely right on par for the course.

Before I go any further, I need to clarify that this trip to Mardel was not entirely my decision. My grandma wanted to go so we went. I had some gift cards so I made sure, in my saving mode and I don’t need more books mentality, that I had some alternate funds that wouldn’t hurt my wallet. It’s hard to turn down a trip to a bookstore though.

Continuing on…

I walked in, excitement and inspiration immediately wafting over my wind blown and tired body. I practically skipped to the books in the back right corner of my favorite store. I don’t really skip though.

First, I skim through the bargain book shelves. No fiction this time around. Why? Because the ones that I was interested in I actually already had. Can you believe that? You probably do.

I found a Bible Study on the bargain aisle for $10. From there I moved onto the fiction aisle. Nothing caught my eye for once and I refrained from any fiction purchases, miraculously.

I wandered around in the nonfiction and devotional sections. The C S Lewis box set I’ve been mentally eyeing still wasn’t there so again I regret not buying it sooner. It would be quite easy to purchase online, but I sometimes fear the condition I may receive it in and it gets me just shook enough that I curb that simple notion. I will wait to find it in store where I can touch and feel and inspect before I buy. It’s not cheap after all.

Another book I’ve been eyeing is the book of three of Tozer’s works. I’ve only been finding it in hardback which isn’t ideal, but it is what it is I guess and I decided after several minutes of deliberating to snag that one on this haul as well. Why was I deliberating so? Because all three books can be bought separately, which, for this possibly not honorable reason, could be good for my reading goals, but don’t even look very good separately (they don’t match, not same size). In this clean single book it’s slightly cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing. That’s what I went with. I did have my wallet to keep in mind remember? Gift cards only go so far.

Anyway, I’d already started Tozer’s Knowledge of the Holy, but I got the stand alone at an estate sale, a pretty old edition and had been highlighted and written in at the beginning. Not a big deal, but I would prefer a clean slate when possible. Here I am.

Across the aisle, I also found two more books that were interesting and purely bought due to interest and proximity, not a need or books on my Want to Read list. I’m easily swayed at times by good books.

My book haul totaling 4 books.

Thanks for reading!! If you recently had a book haul or have some books on your shelf you’d like to share in the comments, let it be known! Also, follow/friend me on GoodReads – I’m always looking for more book recommendations.

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