Yesterday afternoon I was attacked.

Let’s back up to earlier in the day – the events leading up to the attack.

Day off from work, no real plans.

Woke up, got ready and went to the central library with my nephew. I checked out two more books that I didn’t need since I have a library of books I haven’t read yet at home. My nephew also picked out two books.

Later, we went to Taco Bell drive-thru for lunch and took it home to eat. Then, we went to Target and I got some stuff and forgot other stuff I needed… literally on a note in my phone, but it’s fine. My nephew purchased a new nerf gun with his money after cashing in change (coins) for some bills at the bank.

At home, my nephew and I were reading in my room – my reading corner – and a fly was circling. It would get right by my ear. It was very annoying.

My family went to the grocery store and I stayed home to read. Little did I know that I would be attacked once more, this time alone.

As I sat peacefully in my chair reading a Courtney Walsh novel, I was attacked incessantly by a fly. The events to follow may be hard to imagine.

I used my phone and book to defend myself, swatting and batting like no tomorrow. The fly continued to buzz buzz buzz. Why is this my life right now?

My family returned and I made a run for the front of the house to help carry in the groceries and obviously escape the attack.

Upon settling things in the kitchen, I returned to my room with my nephew, his gun leaning against my door frame where he left it a short while ago. I explained my unsuccessful battle with the fly and he immediately went into battle mode himself, grabbing his gun and waiting for the fly to land.

The fly did as expected and settled on the edge of my reading chair. With the gun aimed, he shot the fly with a nerf bullet.

I don’t believe the fly was killed in the attack, merely flying away.

Shortly after, a fly appeared on the floor next to my shoes. Again, my nephew went into action. This fly did not prevail this time.

My nephew still thinks that there are two flies that were attacking in my room and is actively searching for more attackers.

After a recap of the events with my nephew, he let me know he killed this thing in the process in my room. I am very much shook.

Thanks for reading about yesterday’s trauma.

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  1. Oh no! So sorry! Bunch of meanies had to ruin your lovely reading time! 😱

    1. Summer says:

      For real 😩 it was horrible! But all is well now 🤓

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