A Reader’s Highlight

First of all, if you haven’t read Rachael Bloome’s novels, you’re missing out on something special!!

She was a favorite author before I won her giveaway. 😎

A few weeks ago I commented on one of Bloome’s posts and got entered into her giveaway. She ended up picking me to win some hot cocoa to celebrate her newest release, The Hope in Hot Chocolate.

It finally came in the mail yesterday! Not that I was waiting, but I was pretty excited to win something, LOL.

Peep the extra goods!!

Not only did she send some hot cocoa, but she threw in a SIGNED copy of her book and a sweet note!! 😍

Peep the sweet signature!

I just love mail. I’m old school that way. ❤️

Thank you, Rachael Bloome for making my day this week!! ☺️

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  1. That’s awesome! Congrats! Hot cocoa sounds yummy. I haven’t read her newest book yet. I need to soon. … And when you mentioned you like mail it reminded me of a Seinfeld episode where George says, “Everybody loves a package!” 😁

    1. Summer says:

      It’s a bit warm for hot chocolate right now but I hope to taste it soon!!
      Lol I have not seen that 😂 but I do love packages/mail.
      Thank you!!

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