Darryl Starbird Car Show 2022

Over the weekend, my Mustang and I were at the Darryl Starbird show in Tulsa, OK.

I had never even went to this show because it was $25 for a ticket, for one day. I’m about free and cheap usually. 😅

Anyway, I’m involved with a Sapulpa, OK group that was going to be entering their older vehicles in the show and encouraged me to do the same.

Here are some photos of my car and stuff I picked up at the show.

My mustang, James, the Polar Pony
Got the mustang roped off – “no touchy”
Did I mention it was snowing when I pulled the car into the building? 😅
When one car is in the show and so you drive your other car to the show.
His name is George.
George and I on day two.
Picked up some valve stem caps on the first day and put them on the mustang on day two. They are now my “show caps.”
Photographer took photos of all the cars and then they had a booth where they can edit them in different ways and you can purchase them in different formats. 🙂

On Saturday of the show, my mom and I saw something funny. There was a young guy, totally looked younger than me, on one of those scooters you sit on, hoodie on with the hood up and eating a donut. He was all leaned back just chillin’ but flying down the aisles. He was stopped by someone and I thought they were going to tell him to slow down, but they were telling him to move out of the way for a car to pass so they could get to a the open garage-type door to go outside for a show. It was comical to see though! Lol

No awards were won, but it was still a good time.

I sure got a lot of steps in this weekend. Can’t wait til next year – I’ll know what to expect! Maybe in a year I can modify my car, but we’ll see. 🙂

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  1. Awesome pictures! Sounds like a fun time! 😁

    1. Summer says:

      Thank you!! It was ☺️

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