I’ve Lost Control

No one can really stop me. Unless I run out of funds. 😳

I’ve lost control, though.

I’ve been running low on room. When you only have one room for your items to go in, but you have a growing library that doesn’t ever stop growing…

Yes, I’m talking about books. 🥺

My most recent trip (last night) was to Mardel, again.

The bargain books killed me.

“Cleanup on aisle 2 of bargain books, a girl in her 20s has fallen on a pile of books and can’t get up.”

This didn’t really happen, but I did come out of Mardel with 8 books I don’t really have room for.


I have a lot of audacity to think that I would ever stop buying books, especially when I find authors I love.

What did I buy, you might be asking.


I would preferably like to read all of these books in the next week or so for you to know in my blog post about the books I read in February, but seeing as how that’s not possible without me going on a retreat to the mountains and sitting in a treehouse all alone with no distractions or care in the world…

I’m reading far slower than my ability to buy books. If I could slow down (I can’t), my life would be so much more tubular.

Honestly, I could slow down. I could stop. If I truly allowed self control to take over instead of this desire for books…

I do need to stop. Confession. I do not have room.

I’ve gotten rid of a few books, some teen fiction I wasn’t a fan of. They’re still in my room, but separated far away, I just haven’t taken them for donation seeing as no one else wants them either.


The struggles continue.

Thanks for reading and I’m sure you’ll be back one day to read about my other bookworm struggles when they make themselves known.

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  1. This – “going on a retreat to the mountains and sitting in a treehouse all alone with no distractions or care in the world…” Oh what a dream come true that would be! ♥️ I do understand the struggle. The thing is, you love books, and reading is not a bad habit, so don’t beat yourself up too much. But I do know where you’re coming from. Last year I spent way too much money on books (over $2,000 😬). So I am trying to be better about the moola side. I can’t read all the books I have that quickly either. (And side note of something funny but I thought you would “get” – somehow I recently preordered Treasure an Heiress by Roseanne M. White and didn’t even remember anything about it! 😱) But anyway, back to the problem at hand, perhaps if you know you will not be rereading a book (especially since your TBR pile keeps growing) – maybe you can donate them to a library? But if you really can’t bear parting with them, then perhaps you could just store your books in boxes until one day when you get a home of your own. And then you can have a whole room just for books! 📚🤩👏

    1. Summer says:

      It would be a dream! 😍😍
      Wow! I don’t know how much I’ve spent – at this point I’d rather not even know! 🤣 But I try not to go over $5 for a book unless I’m at Barnes & Noble and it’s hard to find something under $5 there OR it’s a preorder – which I’m doing a lot more of out of fear of a paper shortage. 😅 This going to prompt another post in the future I’m sure! 😂
      Lol!! I need to read more of her books. She’s on my want to read pile for the next month or so.
      Have you ever preordered from somewhere but then found a better preorder deal elsewhere so you cancelled the first one and preordered with the better deal? That happened to me last week with a Becky Wade novel – her nee release coming this year!
      I wanted to donate them to the neighborhood library but apparently I have to take donations to a different location or our downtown location and I just don’t feel like going there. I’m going to take some teen fiction books to Gardner’s used books today – they can give me whatever for them, I just don’t want them and I tried to sell or give them away and no one I knew wanted them.
      I am definitely storing up for a home library one day. It’s all in my plans for a new construction when I’m able! 📚 🤩

      1. Yes I have cancelled a preorder before as well! I never thought about a paper shortage! That would be tragic! That stinks that your neighborhood library won’t take them. So I guess a home library is your best option 😁

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