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Yesterday, Saturday, I had to finish my Christmas shopping – so let this be the beginning of the backstory that’s longer than the story that is the intention of this post.

Put simply, I’ve been behind on my shopping.


Typically I have my shopping pretty much done by October, with only small additions here and there through November. Then, at that point, I’m wrapping between December 1st and Christmas Eve – or whenever my first “party” is scheduled before then.

This year…. I had almost nothing.

I haven’t been able to get out of this funk. I’m just not feeling the holidays this year. I’m feeling really negative and just depressed about them. A lot of factors go into those feels and there’s no easy answer, but God’s got it and I’m just doing what I can, one day at a time to move on – wherever that is.

I work, read and sleep and that’s been okay for me until I realized I need to at least finish something else like shopping and wrapping.

Like the first thing I did in the morning was run by the post office and mail something that I had meant to do all week… but here I was, a week after I said I’d mail it.

Post office was FULL. Like… I had to find a parking spot and then I didn’t even make it past the second set of doors before I decided that I do not have the time, I do not have the patience, I’m also hungry which is not a great addition to the second reason mentioned here. SO. I went back to my car and proceeded to get other things checked off my to do list for the day.

12:30pm rolls around and I still need to hit up the post office. I was about to go wrap my presents and I looked up what time the post office closes. 1pm!!! I went straight to the post office (not far) and got there by 12:40pm.

There was a line, about as long as before, but this time I had more time and didn’t have anything to do other than wrap (let’s be honest, they mostly went in bags…) so there wasn’t a reason to hold off on this mail trip. I also needed stamps.

And now we get to the intention of this post!

Standing there for two seconds, I realized this was going to take a while. I tucked the envelope under my arm and basked in the patience God gave me an opportunity for, pulled out my cellular device and downloaded an ebook to read. The joys of having such entertainment at the tips of your fingers!

Luckily, there was a book available.

Friday night I started a new book. It was between the Runaway Bride of the Brideship Series by Jody Hedlund or Vying for the Viscount by Kristi Ann Hunter. I chose Vying for the Viscount, but it was not immediately available for ebook download from my library. Saturday, standing there in the lobby, I checked on the other book and it was available!

What does this boil down to?

I started two books in less than 24 hours time and now I’m reading two fiction books at one time.


I don’t normally do that. It’s like one fiction book at a time and other books in other genres are fine to read multiple at a time.

It’s fine. Everything is fine.

Both books are great, by the way! I enjoy both authors greatly. ❤️

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  1. I haven’t had much Christmas spirit either. I wasn’t going to send Christmas cards at all, but my husband wanted to, so he did most of the work. (It’s usually all me.) I don’t have any tree or decorations up. Except my husband did put some outdoor decorations in the yard and on the house. He mentioned putting the tree up too, but hasn’t done it yet. But I am still happy to read Christmas books and watch Christmas movies. I just don’t have the energy to do anything extra. Fortunately I did all my shopping online. So that helped me to tackle that aspect a little easier than fighting the crowds…. Now about the books! I have read the Runaway Bride and enjoyed it. As for the other book you are reading, I actually haven’t even read anything by that author. Sooo you might be getting me hooked on a new author. We shall see. Lol.

    1. Summer says:

      I’m not doing cards either. Had I been at the office, I would be getting my department goodies for Christmas and it might have made me want to go all out, but seeing as that’s not happening, that may have played into my lack of enthusiasm. I don’t know. I think a lot of people are in our same boat.
      This is my fourth book by this author! I haven’t read much by her, but no reason not to.
      We’ll see, yes! Lol

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