Bus of Sadness

In a land not so far away, in a stadium known as Skelly Field at H. A. Chapman Stadium, there’s a team that mostly drops the ball during football games. Literally. When do they win? It’s so inconsistent, it’s –

I’ll get there.

One Saturday evening, the Tulsa Hurricane came out to the field and won the game!

I know, shocker.

With a losing streak like their’s, who would have guessed?

Arkansas State equipment team began loading up stuff. It was gonna be a long (short) road back to Arkansas out of the Sooner State – away from the ferocious Golden Hurricane.

The players? They were about to board a bus of sadness.

Normally, it’s the Golden Hurricane on that bus!

Is it also sad that I feel a smidge of joy about a bus of sadness? That my team is coming out on top for once?

The joys that abound from a bus of sadness.

The irony.

Weeks later, we’ve now been on this bus of sadness for a while. It’s almost like a second home. Very rarely do we see the opponent climb aboard their own bus of sadness.

The Golden Hurricane are 3-5 this season. It could be worse.

The most recent game against Navy prompted this meme the week leading up to the actual game.

Big oof

Thanks for reading this sad story!

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  1. So sorry! I understand though. I am an East Carolina Pirate 🏴‍☠️ and they are 4-4. My university is in the same conference as yours, but it doesn’t look like they play each other. I hope things start looking up for your team!

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