Bike Lanes and Why I Can’t Even

A few days ago, as we were leaving the downtown area after the game, there was this bicycle going down the road. I mean, downtown’s a hopping place, that’s cool. BUT… when you’re going down a road that was years ago redone to narrow the street for regular traffic and to add a designated bike lane, and bikes continue to use the regular traffic lane???


It doesn’t add up…

They’ve done this to many streets now, around the university and heavily downtown. If we’re going to be inconvenienced by being down to one lane traffic in each direction for the sake of a bike lane, people need to utilize those lanes.

That’s just my little opinion though. 🤓

Here’s a meme… or two… or four… that help me cope with this situation. 😃

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  1. So sorry! I can imagine that is frustrating. I am glad you were able to get some humor out of it. 😊

  2. Mrs. Curry says:

    Yes. 😒 to all of this.

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