When Life Gets Slow

Today the VPN I work on with my company became… I don’t even know. It just stopped working properly and was making everything run extremely slow. The internet speed test literally came back as “your internet speed is very slow.” Like, yeah, I know! Thanks 🤣

Multiple communications with my IT department guy and it’s still not fixed, but it has cooperated enough for me to get some work done this evening.

It (technical difficulties) always seems to happen when I have a list of things to do, like today. So many things that I just couldn’t do or couldn’t finish.

Before, it’s usually my home internet, but the internet has been fine since I got a new modem router – which was a huge issue and has made me so happy since I got that replaced. It was like night and day!

Today though…

I thought I’d spend all evening reading and enjoying some time alone, but work had other plans. I’ve spent most of my time this evening catching up on work I couldn’t get done during my actual workday. Perks of working from I guess… but had I been at the office this probably wouldn’t have happened soooooo….

All is well though and it’s not like I was gonna do much else anyway, except read.

What are your thoughts on this?

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