Making Scents and Being Creative

An update on my side business 💁🏻‍♀️

I don’t make scents, but I do try to make sense every so often… and throwing in my two cents here on this blog space. Ya know, that’s how I roll.

Anyway, business is okay. I’ve been stressed in my day job lately and my mood isn’t where I’d like it to be in regards to Scentsy. I’ve been able to carve out some time the past week for Scentsy and creating some much needed content. I’m looking forward (as always) to a new month though. It’s always a chance to do different things, try something new, promote new items and just have fun with it.

This past month (April) I rolled out some “perks” that I don’t think I mentioned here before…

The flyer I made for people to get info!

I’m more excited than other people are 🙃 because if my consultant offered these things, I’d be all over it! It is what it is though. Eventually business will pick up – I’m not even a year in so I need to be patient.

Birthday Club is a free perk – free to sign up, free for the life of the “membership.” Basically, my clients sign up giving me their birthday month and then at the beginning of each month, I’ll do a drawing with whoever has a birthday during that month and one of them will win! Zero effort except at the beginning which requires a message to me 🤣

First LIVE on social media for the birthday club giveaway has been done and I think it went well… as in I feel like my communication was good! I’m trying to go LIVE more when I can so that I get practice speaking. 🙂

Really excited about the VIP Box though. I want more people to sign up for it so I can really get creative 🙃

This box will be created based on what they like, would like try and if they enjoy surprises!! I would throw it (gently…) into a box, decorate and fix it up and then deliver or ship it! I’m excited for peeps to sign up. It’s a super flexible option because I’m going to do different price point options so based on what they want to spend, I’ll put it together. It’ll be on a schedule like the Scentsy Club subscription that’s already available through the website, but caters more to the customer rather than doing what everyone else gets each month.

Scent of the Month Club is something for those who want the scent of the month sent to them each month. It’s a great way to check out the new scent before everyone else and also get more info about the warmer of the month. These are usually sent out to participants before They’re released to the public because I receive scent (and sometimes the warmer) weeks before the start of that month.

New products coming in May!

All Month Long:
Join my team! $20 US / $26 CA

I’ve been looking forward to growing my team… currently it’s just me rocking it! Kind of like me with my full-time job… learning to grow as a person and as a leader. I’d like to bring what I’m doing to advance that career into my side business so I can be even more successful at what I do. I would very much enjoy investing in someone else!

Releasing May 4th:

The R2-D2 warmer is so exciting!!! It has the projection of Princess Leia, which is a cool feature I didn’t notice at first. LOL

Coming Later This Month:

Father’s Day items will be releasing later in May!! June is the month for Father’s Day and some awesome things will be coming!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

If you’re interested in seeing my social media posts about Scentsy, the easiest way is to find me on Instagram @just_your_season

Thank you for reading about things you may not be interested in 🤣 but I like to document my journey here 🙂

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