Let Me Drop the Oil Spill Here…

Home games this week in the oil capital were intense… like, never seen anything like it. LOL

We had two games, Friday and Saturday. Both events were against the Utah Grizzlies. Someone asked me Friday if they were a good team or if we can’t stand them, etc., and at the time, I said “Nothing notable,” because I didn’t think I had much opinion of them. They didn’t seem much different than any other team. That has since changed…

Friday, April 30th

Before the game started, I had hopes of a good game. We seem to have lost quite a few of them recently and I told my friend next to me that we really need a win so we can get to playoffs. Winning never hurts!

Under 30 seconds into the game the Oilers score! What?!? Crazy! That’s not where the craziness stops though!

By the 8 minute mark, we’ve scored 5 goals. FIVE. In the first period, the Tulsa Oilers have secured SteaknShake shakes for the fans in attendance – redeemable Tuesday or Wednesday following the game.


This got a lot of laughs from the hockey group I’m in 😅

By goal 4, the Utah Grizzlies have changed their goalie out. That didn’t stop us from getting two more goals between the pipes!

By the end of the game, the Utah Grizzlies were struggling. They managed to sink 3 goals into our net, but we held them off other than that.

The ending score was 6-3, Tulsa.

As we left the arena, the fans were pumped UP. The atmosphere was electric. Everyone looked forward to another thriller on Saturday. It didn’t disappoint.

Saturday, May 1st

Last night… that was a game for the books.

We came into the game not as on fire as Friday, but the energy was still there for sure. We scored 2 goals in the first period. The rest of the game, literally nothing happened until the end.

…Basically, total chaos ensued.

The Grizzlies were riled up, undies in a wad, the whole nine yards. All they wanted to do was fight it felt like and then they were picking on our Mike McKee, #24. So shook.

One guy ends up being just sent off the ice completely.

A few minutes left in regulation, a fight breaks out in the corner and it’s just, again, chaos. They were hitting the ref and linesmen and just angry. I think they’d benefit from anger management classes, as a team.

Two of those guys I believe got walked off the ice.

Then, some mouthing happens on the ice. The head coach (who dresses like an equipment manager rather than the coach who normally wears a suit!) for the Grizzlies was yelling at the ref. He must have not felt heard (what are you going to do… take the L and go home…) and so his best option (apparently) was to throw a hockey stick out onto the ice. Big oof, that just got yourself a game misconduct buddy.

After the buzzer sounds, more fighting attempts to go down on the ice – instigated by the Grizzlies. It was quickly broke up and the Oilers raised their hockey sticks in victory over Utah with a total shut out win!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you got some enjoyment from my meme content!

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