Reading Moments of March

Really late post by yours truly here… Life got away from me and, as I stated before, I got behind on my blog and my own personal goals on my site!

Although I’ve been away from my blog, I have been doing plenty of reading!! No shocker there… nothing really slows me down (and when it does I get really sad…). Maybe I’ve been reading so much that I didn’t have time for the blog?? Debatable.

Also, in this time frame, I got the app GoodReads – I may have mentioned this in a previous blog update? – and just a couple of days ago I finally added a username so I can easily be found since otherwise, I’m not tech savvy enough to include a link in case you wanted to follow my reading journey or join in on the 2021 reading challenge! I gave myself a challenge of 50 books because although I’ve never counted how many books I’ve read in a year, I don’t think I’ve ever read that many in one year. As many books as I have though, I may have achieved this goal before… Anyway! I’m already almost halfway to that 50 book goal and it’s only Mid-April. May end up taking a break from reading since I’m so far ahead.

HA! Just kidding. No reading breaks for this girl – I have tried and it doesn’t last.

Down to business…

Here are the books I finished in March! Thank you for reading!

Holiday Lights by Debbie Macomber

Holiday Lights consisted of 3 stories by Debbie Macomber. I love books like this – with multiple stories and it was also great to have 3 by Macomber all in one. Also, who doesn’t love Christmas stories?

The stories were The Forgetful Bride, Sugar and Spice, and Friends – and then Some.

All pretty cheesy, but I love cheesy and romantic stories so… what can I sayyyy?

The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni

Like Who Moved My Cheese? that we read in Change Champions earlier in our class, this was like a fable, too.

We (I) finished up The Ideal Team Player in March. It’s a story that ultimately gets down to three virtues that make up the ideal team player and the model Lencioni describes. I would name them, but I think it’s a good book for anyone who works on a team, has a team or wants to be a team player to read and find out. It comes with great info in the back of the book about these virtues and what it means in different scenarios.

A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan

I picked this one up from the grocery store right before our February snow and ice storm. The lines were long and I wanted to read…. because why not? Literally, who doesn’t do that??? Wasn’t too bad of a read. I left it with a bookmark for a while, but I came back to it and finished eit pretty quickly once started.

The Truth in Tiramisu by Rachael Bloome

Revisiting Poppy Creek in this one…. I previously read the first book in Bloome’s Poppy Creek series, The Clause in Christmas. SO GOOD. I love her storytelling, character development, plot, the town, the characters themselves… what do I not love?? I’m so glad I found her as an author to read and enjoy. Pretty much Hallmark worthy material.

The Secret in Sandcastles by Rachael Bloome

The next book in the Poppy Creek series was another success in my book! I love visiting the small town of Poppy Creek with Bloome. I’m needing the next book in the series now…

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  1. They all sound likely lovely reads!

    1. Summer says:

      Thank you!! 😃

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