Small Great Things

I’ve been listening to the audiobook of Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult this past week. It takes a while to listen to – I didn’t realize it was such a big book until I grabbed it from my bookshelf. I’ve had the physical copy, SIGNED might I add!, and just never got around to reading it. I got it years ago I believe during a Black Friday sale at Barnes and Noble. The only reason I got the book, I remember, is because I had read her young adult books, Between the Lines and Off the Page that she wrote with her daughter. Then I got the book and never read it, not sure why.

The book has been a great read so far. At a time like this, I think it’s eye opening to some of the things people do still go through and the reality of skin color and prejudices. I didn’t know that when I bought the book years ago, I’d be reading it today and in this year of what seems to be filled with hate lately.

Below is a quote I got from the book just days ago that stuck out to me. I’m sure there will be more.

Babies are such blank slates. They don’t come into this world with the assumptions their parents have made, or the promises their church will give, or the ability to sort people into groups they like and don’t like. They don’t come into this world with anything, really, except a need for comfort. And they will take it from anyone, without judging the giver.

Jodi Picoult, Small Great Things

Thank you for reading and I’m glad to be back in the groove of things!!

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