Oil Spilled On Rush

Another weekend full of hockey! Things got coocoo this week on the ice in T-Town.

Friday – April 9th

Missed being present at Friday night’s game where we took on the Rapid City Rush for the first of three nights over the weekend lineup. We did come out on top with a 3-0 win.

Saturday – April 10th

Saturday’s game started with a some nice plays and a better display of teamwork within the organization than the previous week that was, as I said in a previous post this weekend, depressing.

The Rush scored two goals in the first period.

The Rush scored two more goals in the second period. We scored three goals in the second, the third of which was shorthanded on a PP (power play).

He shoots, he scores!! Danny Moynihan scores a minute, 16 seconds into the third period to tie it up, 4-4. His second goal of the night!

When penalties happen and you have no idea what’s going on 🤣 ended up being a face off violation for the Rush.

AND WE WENT INTO OT. 7 minutes of game play

I guess I haven’t watched many OTs because I forget that it’s a 3 on 3 game play and it seems so hard to accurately make anything happen.

Omg – when one of our guys lost or broke his stick at the other end of the rink and the puck gets sent down to our end of the rink. He skates down the side of the rink, picks up a stick that’s handed out to him and takes a beautiful shot – it doesn’t go in but the moment was amazing.


#14 on Rush – miss

#11 on Oilers – miss

#8 on Rush – goal 😭

#90 on Oilers – miss

#18 on Rush – miss

#16 on Oilers – miss

Rush take this one to the bank. Sadness.

Sunday – April 11th

The Rush in the first half of the first period (and really most of the game if I’m being honest here…) were all over the place. Slipping and sliding and falling. One time we were given a penalty that could have been debatable – the guy totes fell on his own! Our player just happened to be there…

No goals in the first period!!

Second period action…

2 goals back to back within a minute!! Amazing plays by our guys out there! Couldn’t even fully process the first goal and then boom, we scored again after the puck dropped at the center ice face off.

Rush goalie is hostile after letting two goals in – tripping our player then pushing him down afterward. How rude!!

The Rush score shortly after making it 2-1.

Imagine getting pushed into the boards by your own goalie … that happened to the Rush 🤣

Rapid City scored – tying it up at 2…

What a punk! I hate when their goalie comes so far out of the net to hit the puck down to the other end of the rink – perfect opp to get a goal for us but no one was around.

We “scored“ – the lights, cheers and everything happened and then they kept playing because the puck came out or something and then they were just gonna say no goal. REVIEW THE PLAY. So they did and then they still called it a no goal. Salty

Game is still tied at 2. Just over 5 minutes left in regulation.

We go into OT and lose it 16 seconds into the 7 minute time frame.

We probably could have outright win the game had that previous goal been counted… but it’s fine. Everything is fine. Tulsa Oilers played a good game and you can’t ask them to do much more than that. Some things are just out of their control.

That’s all this time! Have a great rest of your Sunday evening. 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

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