Change Champions – Two Weeks In

This past Tuesday was day 2 of my course!

I’m getting used to the way of things already. I’m expecting each class time to include a speaking activity so I’m trying to just… be ready, I guess? I can’t really be ready for something like that, but here I am trying to be and sometimes stressing about it. (Eek, I know, I need to stopppp.)

Week 1 was fun – went over notes and then we were paired up for an interview with each other and then when we got back to the big group we had to introduce our partner to the whole class. That pretty much sums that up.

This past week we had to talk about our homework assignment which was about following meeting norms for our company (really good norms for any setting) and also asking one of your “customers” how you could better serve them or help them do their job better.

This one was difficult for me because in my department, our meetings are pretty basic and simple. It’s not completely possible to follow all the norms because our group doesn’t work on projects the same way other people do so we don’t have discussions or things of that nature. In the recent department meeting, or rather, before the meeting, I made a point to write down at least one thing to say to contribute instead of saying “I don’t really have anything to say,” like I normally do. *cringe*

I confessed this to my Change Champions class. It felt good for me to get that out there in the open, too. I struggle with holding things in. I don’t think that what I have to say or what happens to me is important, but I think some people might either think that or at least want to hear what I have to say.

For our other portion of homework I couldn’t really do because we just came off month end and we were too busy to communicate with that many people.

This week we’ve started some reading! I’m excited to feel more confident in speaking specifically. I’m the worst person when it comes to speaking. I still get UBER-nervous because hello… it’s speaking. More of a writer.

I’m going to end this post here so that I can actually go do some of that reading…. I look forward to sharing more with you as the weeks progressed!

Thanks for reading. ❤️

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