Who To Love – Be Neighborly

I saw a picture that said “Turn off the news and love your neighbor.”

We shouldn’t need the news or media or even other people informing us who is need. We should be out there on the front lines getting to know people ourselves and loving them and providing for them ourselves.

I started this post a long time ago (months) and I’ve recently read a book (of course!) that was helpful in me getting back to this post. Can you guess what it is?? It appeared here.

During these COVID times , it may be hard to love your neighbor because of the distance thing and it doesn’t feel as neighborly to talk to other people with a mask on. You can’t tell really what their facial expressions look like. Are they okay with you even talking to them? Other body language would have to be looked at and it’s just hard sometimes.

At the back of Kuykendall’s book, Loving My Actual Neighbor, she gives many ways to interact, get to know, and love your neighbor.

Providing in some material or financial way in your community through a food bank or donation center especially right now would be a great way to support those around you in a safe way.

Maybe you could buy gift cards to a store or a restaurant and hand them out to people who need it or even a public service person who helped you or did something great.

In the age of negativity being at our fingertips with every swipe or scroll, I want to personally be a positive light in someone’s day and share more positive things (it’s so hard some days!). Negative news and thoughts are easy to conjure up. It takes intentionality and thoughtfulness to think positively, to change a mindset and perhaps go out of your way to do something just as positive for your neighbor.

If you’d like to know more about loving your neighbor, you could read that book I mentioned earlier, or just as simply – read your Bible.

I hope you have a great Monday today and that your week is filled with positive thoughts. ❤️

What are your thoughts on this?

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