It Got Grizzly

This evening was a hockey night in my hometown. We show up for our team and they show out on the ice.

New category – Oil Spill 🙂

The game was intense and we had great seats. Normally, when we go to the games, we sit up further by the general walkway in the handicapped sections. We were given tickets down right by the ice in the second row so that’s where we sat!

The game is just different when you see it from that close of a perspective. It was awesome.

We did end up winning. It was a battle to keep the score neck and neck. 2-2 after regulation, we went into OT. Fights were breaking out toward the third and OT periods of the game (on the ice not in the audience LOL). We were still tied after OT so it went into a shootout with only TUL coming out on top with one goal scored. 3-2 ended up being the final game score.

Tonight’s win brought an ending to a three-night weekend full of hockey and a three night win streak against the same team! Hope it continues into our on the road series coming soon.

Due to the great seats, I felt like there was more to meme about this go round. I try to find meme-able content where I can. I share it with the fam, friends, social media and of course the other hockey fans. They get a good laugh at some of them. Here’s a few to close out this post. Enjoy and I hope you have a great Sunday night!

What are your thoughts on this?

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