Our Earthly Tents

Deliberately taking up bad habits that shorten our lives on earth is self centered – we’re only caring about the present pleasure, not the days to come or the mission as Christians we’re given.

For me, I mean, I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs, but I don’t eat healthy. I have chicken almost every day, usually fried (it’s the best though….), but I do crave some good grilled chicken (even now as I type this). I don’t snack that much – as my grandma tells me to eat the last slice of cake… (happens on the regular). My diet doesn’t consist of sugar drinks or (hopefully) no acidic drinks. I mostly drink water with other things thrown in for variety like BodyArmor Lyte and some Arbonne fizz sticks. I don’t think it’s all bad, but some may say I have a ways to go.

It amazes me all the time how people who smoke and do things like that, that so obviously damage the body from the inside out, would choose to start that kind of habit or even continue, knowing their life is shortened. Then, I think of myself and perhaps eating the wrong foods can damage my body from the inside out as well. *lacks research* I would think it’s less damaging to eat incorrectly than to take up one of those habits, but anyway. Trying to do better here! 🙂

In the coming years – I guess I’m still young at almost 25 years – I want to be more conscious about what what goes into my earthly body. I’m only here for one lifespan. I’d like it to be long if at all possible. God knows how long my days are here, but if I can better myself along the way to make my health not a huge issue while handling other life issues, I think that would be a good thing!

for God bought with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

1 Corinthians 6:20

I want what I do now to reflect the faith that I have on the inside. It’s not a faith I hold inside, something only in my heart and mind. If it’s truly in one’s heart, other people will see it on the outside by the actions and words I speak and live by.

What are you doing/going to do/planning to do this year to preserve and care for your earthly tent?

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