Being Real – Going Live

Something to do in my new small business – being a Scentsy Consultant – is going “Live” on social media. Facebook is mostly the primary place for Scentsy. Consultants to gather and promote their business. So far I’ve gone Live twice. For me, I’m surprised I even went Live at this point at all – definitely surprised I did it twice in one week.

Going Live demonstrates authenticity and shows your followers and clients who you are since most of the time I’m just posting photos and links. Not that I’m not authentic, but doing any type of demonstration where I, myself, am getting attention makes me uncomfortable. I would rather the attention just be on the product or someone else. I feel awkward. I stumble and don’t know what to say.

The first time, I made a practice video first (which I was actually thinking of just posting online itself instead of going Live but that’s an easy way out!) and then I went Live. I almost think the first video was better than the Live, but that’s how it goes. This go round was more of me getting my feet wet in regards to this whole thing. I need to start somewhere or I’m never going to go through with it and my business could be hindered by it.

My second Live I unboxed some items I received and it was more real to me because I think it was closer to me receiving it on the porch and more spontaneous than the first. I was SO excited, as I usually am with shipments arriving, and I think it showed. After that one, it just made me feel like I could do it.

I really love what I do, the product I sell and the company I’m associated with through all of this. Going Live provides that look in on my true feels for my clients. It reinforces their belief in me and what I’m selling. I seriously use Scentsy everyday and as I type this am using my Scentsy Go next to me LOL.

After all this, I hope you feel encouraged to step out of your comfort zone, even with these smalls things. It can give you more confidence you may lack and also inspire you to keep moving forward with other things you feel reluctant to do.

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