Stationary Stationery

If you didn’t know much about me, here’s a fun fact! I love stationery and I think I have way more than I should and don’t use it all. I have spirals and folders that I’ve had for years and then I see cool stuff (as if I should really be going down such aisles) and I feel this immediate need.

To keep this stationery from being stationary… I’ve been given reasons to use more and more of my resources: Bible studies, personal Bible studies and Scentsy business notes.

I recently filled up one of my small spirals and it was a joyous occasion, really. It was like… wellp, you’ve taken this many notes on sermons and studying the Word. Good for you!

Ultimately, I don’t want to be just leaving my notes stationary in a spiral. I want them to move me, get in my heart, get in my life, be referenced, impact me, impact others.

So in another attempt to use these items of stationery and keep them from being stationary on a shelf… I‘d like to be moved to post more of these Biblical thoughts on my blog (I literally have a category for such things…) like I used to. Posting this thought here so I’m held more accountable for this goal of mine.

I also want to say that I appreciate when I post Biblical topics and you, my reader, respond! I know several of you do and I love the interaction, whether it be compliments or further discussion comments. Knowing that you’re there is always great to see, as a blogger.

Here’s to bringing stationery to life and spreading Biblical thought to the Internet. . .

What are your thoughts on this?

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