Slacker Level 100 & Life Update

I have obviously slacked on my regular schedule with blogging… considering it’s been two weeks since my last post. Slacker level 100 here, but moving along elsewhere in life.

I’ve had “finish blog posts” on my to do list, on my whiteboard, for at least two weeks that I remember but I’m thinking its longer than that since I’ve had drafts sitting on WordPress longer than that. Anyway 😃

Life is never boring and life is moving along, as it never stops. Hitting goals with Scentsy, socializing when I can, been reading quite a bit (fiction, mystery, touches of nonfiction), buying books I don’t have room for but obviously needed as usual and just working quite a bit. BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) starts TONIGHT and I am SO excited to be back and learning and growing through Genesis!

I’m going to make the blog a priority, if my procrastination allows, and I hope to be back on my M/F post schedule soon! 👏🏻

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