I Was Thrown a Potato

Just a little life update ahead…

I’ve been reading quite a bit! I never read as much as I’d like – if it were possible to continuously dive into works of written word, that would be the life. That being said, I’ve read several books that I just haven’t made notes on, but have been put into my “I’ve read these but haven’t added them to inventory therefore they are in this stack and not on my shelves like normal” pile. 🙂

Out of these books, I’ve picked two that I’ve read that have been new authors to me and I thought were great authors (this just means that there will be more books in my future…). I will have those in later posts, so watch out for them 😀

As I type this… I’m ordering more books by these authors. GREAT.

I have some ideas for more blogs posts… it’s just getting them out… and typed. I’ve been reading and learning a lot about God, making connections and learning to give more to God of myself. I don’t know where this hunger has come from, where it stemmed from, but I believe in God enough to know that it’s through His Spirit somehow and that He has great plans for me and through this process. I’m eager to share my thoughts with you, my followers ! 🙂

By now, you’re probably wondering “What’s up with the potato title?” Well 🙂 I feel like potatoes are significant in my life right now, more so than a lemon.

I wasn’t thrown lemons, I don’t recall any lemon during the entire quarantine period, actually. Like I didn’t have any in water and I don’t think I’ve had anything lemon flavor either… I’ve had plenty of peach tea and cappuccino though!!

No, I feel potatoes are more significant for a few reasons.

I’ve been eating A LOT of potatoes lately. Mashed, whole, fry form, home fries, etc. Anything you can think of, I’ve probably had it. It’s like quarantine brought me all the potatoes. JK – I’ve always loved potatoes.

I also FEEL like a potato. I now sit on the couch for hours at a time while I work all day. At the beginning of this work from home period (which I’m currently still in) I was working mostly from my desk in my bedroom. That got REALLY depressing because not only was I already isolated away from my coworkers, I was now isolated from being social with my family while at home. It was just too much. I then moved to the dining table. That was good for a while and then I could go to my room for my privacy (less distraction. less insanity…) for meetings and phone calls. NOW I’m mostly on the couch unless I need more room or need to write more than just a number down or have a meeting . It’s really been a slow progression. Being at home as made me antisocial (more than before I guess) and I’ve tried for two weeks now to get back into getting up early and getting around to prepare myself for going back to work and getting into that routine. I’ve failed every single day. I’ve gotten up “on time” I believe only once, which was yesterday and that was because I wanted to read a book (I also knew it was good for me to get up and stay awake…). It’s seriously a big struggle right now. Hence why I say I’m a potato.

These two reasons are why I believe I was thrown a potato instead of a lemon.

With potatoes, you can make many things out of them. With lemons? I know you can make lemonade but I don’t know what else you can make with them unless you add lemon juice to something…. but who would do that?

Maybe what I mean is, we’ve been handed these potatoes. We have several ways to use and respond to them.

Another reason for potatoes is that with the virus has also come an economy downturn that was unexpected to just about everyone in the general population. With that comes layoffs.

These layoffs have been nothing like I’ve ever seen. So many people have been effected and it’s heartbreaking to know the lasting effects it could possibly have on not just those who lost their jobs or even their whole businesses, but the children who either had their education disrupted or that their parents lost their income, they’re struggling to pay bills and also keep food on the table.

Layoffs have effected me as well. I heard of my coworkers being laid off this morning. It was one of the moments we saw coming. As the week we knew the layoffs would begin came closer, I became less and less sure of my own job and more and more sure that it wouldn’t just be one person leaving our company from my department but multiple. In the end, we lost 4 of my coworkers, my friends. I cried and I was just like… why couldn’t it have been me? Of course I’m relieved to have my job saved, but the fact that someone who was also a great worker and so valuable to me lost theirs? It’s just sad no matter which way you turn it.

Those laid off were given a potato as well. Some may see a potato and think, this is weird, what do you do with this? Where do I go from here? I hope that they see that potato as an opportunity for God to make something great (and maybe delicious???) because there are many great things that can come from a potato just as there are many great things that can be formed through us.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5

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  1. Every situation gives us choices, some more obvious than others. Thanks for sharing your experience, Summer.

    1. Summer says:

      So right! Thank you for reading 💕

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