Working From Home

New pandemic now means new adventures, completely. Today was my third full day working from home. Never thought that would happen in my lifetime.

This experience has been better than I expected. A few moons ago, I was really dreading the day I brought home a laptop and responsibilities. I didn’t want my family or my room to be a distraction. Dealing with expectations and my own self doubt got in the way.

Monday morning, I decided that I would go into this new experience, new adventure, new daily routine, with a better attitude and a positive perspective. immediately, my situation changed and I was enjoying it and seeing all the positives that it brought.

Tuesday was a good day. I got into the groove of things. Wednesday? See meme below.

I woke up with the awesome expectation that I could stay in my pjs all day (again), leave my hair the way it was and just get to work. That wasn’t reality, unfortunately, and after talking to my buddy in IT… I had to go back to the office to turn my desktop on because I had apparently, like a few others in the office, accidentally shut down the desktop before disconnecting. Anyway! Needless to say, I had to be somewhat normal yesterday.

Today was pretty tubular. Got a ton done. I couldn’t get comfortable at my desk for whatever reason so I took the laptop to bed and propped myself up on some pillows. Ended up being a good day, just a bit slow moving.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. 🙏🏻

What are your thoughts on this?

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