Jesus’ Major

Jesus Centered Bible – questions and answers category goes through the questions given throughout the New Testament of the Bible I use and I give my answers and thoughts. Always, feel free to comment your thoughts and your own answers to these questions!

The question

If Jesus had gone to college, what major would He have chosen? Explain.

The answer

Wow, okay.

Well, Jesus was already a carpenter. What a humble profession. Fitting.

Since Jesus is God (Romans 9:5), I would think He’d be more interested in majoring in something like botany, biology or maybe architecture?

In the old testament, when a lot of building were constructed – palaces and the temple – I noticed that God had specific measurements. Build it this way, build it with this, get the materials here, etc. God is in the details, but he also likes people to follow directions, what he says goes. So that’s a reason I would think, hey, architecture, or even engineering I guess?

Botany and biology seem to be relevant considering Jesus’ Father is God who created all things – animals, plants and humans. Jesus shows us parables all throughout the New Testament through the nature of plants and animals. He was so connected to them through God and all those things we can see today.

What would you think Jesus would have chosen as a college major? 🙂

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