8th Truth of Christmas – 2019

Hallmark Christmas movie or Hallmark movie set at Christmas time?

Truth: Not all Hallmark Christmas movies overly talk about Christmas.

After listening to some podcasts from Deck the Hallmark I realized, yeah, true, some of these movies are set at Christmas time but there’s not much else indicating a Christmas struggle or the holiday itself other than decorations.

Example would be a Bride for Christmas. One of my favorite movies, but it doesn’t actually show much about Christmas itself. It’s just a bit different.

A Dream of Christmas is also set at Christmas time but it all could have happened without it being Christmas because she simply wishes her life was different. *shrug*

A true Christmas movie should pop with Christmas at every turn. At the very least the movie should have snow. There should be lights, Christmas trees, traditions, parties, food… all of ittttttt. Make it feel like Christmas people ♥

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