Recent Bookworm Happenings

First of all, for all my familial readers, I do not need an intervention. Just throwing that out there right now.

On to my first incident… I ordered some books for Cyber Monday from Barnes and Noble. I only ordered 10. *shrug* It could be worse, right? Hello, can you say “discount” ?? Plus, in my defense, I have months to prepare for two of those books because they’re preorders and they’ll ship upon printing and all that Jazz. Somehow my order gets broken out into three shipments based on where they’re coming from – not ideal but I’ll deal. Actually, I’ve received them all by now, but that’s beside the point. Shipment number one and three are both one book each, awesome, just what I wanted. *eyeroll* My next and most fun shipment was an actual box of books from Barnes and Noble. I’m somewhat in a hurry as I bring in the box because I had places to go, but BOOKS. I open the box with my key and I’m immediately confused – two reasons, actually. I pull out a FLAT bubble wrap thing. It was one of those square sheets that should be aired up… probably something new? Completely flat. What good that did. Reason number two for my confusion was that the two books side by side in the box looked exactly alike. Surely not… did they send me the same book? Did they short me a book I ordered? Did I receive someone else’s? These were the thoughts that were in my head during this time. I pulled them out and sure enough they were the same book and a book I ordered indeed. That’s not all though. No, there was a THIRD copy of that same book in the box. Ugh. WHAT? Yes. That happened. I was like I know I didn’t order this three times. How would that happen? I look at the packing slip. 3. I check my online order in my email. 3. *facepalm* Literally cannot. I took the extra copies back to the bookstore, had to explain that and the poor guy apologized and I said oh no, that’s all my fault. Sorry, Julie Klassen, I love your books but I didn’t need three copies of the Bridge to Belle Island.

Second incident happened when I finished one book and was trying to decide on my next read from my “to be read shelf” in my room. I just went on a “Debbie Macomber mostly Christmas book buying spree” and so one shelf is dedicated to her books at the moment. I spy one book and I’m like hmmm…. maybe… then I look up and see the exact same book. Am I seeing things? Is this a joke? There’s seriously no way? But there is a way. Ugh. Not again. It happened again. It’s different this time though. I had bought two copies separately – one at Target I want to say and one for sure at Barnes and Noble. I hunt down the receipt. I couldn’t remember if it had been one I ordered online but none of those order receipts matched up to the book. I searched for several minutes but luckily found the receipt. HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? Some may say it’s because I have too many books, but I would never go that route in my thought process. Ever.

On my last trip to return this latest duplicated book purchase at Barnes and Noble, I ended up returning said book and leaving with purchasing another book. That’s fun. On the receipt I was actually disappointed to realize, not for the first time, that they no longer print off that little extra piece of receipt that gives book recommendations based on the books you bought. I noticed it a while back, maybe even over a year ago, but it hit me today that I’d probably actually like to know what that recommendation would be.

Until my next bookworm happening…

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