6th Truth of Christmas – 2019

As an adult, you appreciate socks as a gift.

I heard it was true and honestly, now I pick out my own socks and get REALLY excited. Are you in the same boat? Socks are great. I love socks. I’ve actually loved socks forever anyway, but getting them as gifts, ESPECIALLY the knee high (the REAL knee high) socks, would make my day as an adult.

In general, socks are a great gift. If you live in cold climates or are just always cold like I am, you appreciate them even more. Florida peeps? Probably not. It’s pretty sunny and warm in general all year round.

If this isn’t true for you, maybe you should consider changing your lifestyle????? JUST KIDDING.

As an adult, what do you appreciate more now as a gift than you did when you were younger?

What are your thoughts on this?

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