2nd Truth of Christmas – 2019

Not all trees are created equal…

Sorry not sorry but green trees are so 10 years ago. Have you been to the store recently? I’m not talking about those red or blue trees you can buy. I’m talking about a green tree with SNOW is the way to go.

I don’t know much about real trees – spruce, fire, pine… – but I do know what works with every style and taste. Do you have a country or rustic interior? Snow topped tree is the way to go. Do you have a modern style in your living room? Snow topped tree is the way to go. Is your home just plain old traditional? Don’t @ me, but… snow topped tree is the way to go.

Now, that’s just my opinion!! All this to say that there are soooo many trees out there to choose from. It’s true that not all trees are the same. If you send someone to the store for butter, do you know how many types and brands of butter there are? Too many!! Although, if you’re never had garlic butter on toast with pasta, you. are. missing. out.

Someone people prefer a real tree, too, so that’s another option. It would definitely smell like Christmas in the house with one of those. I would probably be good with keeping something watered and alive I guess but why bother when it’s more economical to buy a snow topped Christmas tree you love to reuse every single year for years to come?? You could also just leave it up year round and decorate it for each season/holiday… but that might be pushing the over-achiever meter just a tad.

What are your thoughts on this?

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