What Kind of Ketchup Are You Using?

Do you want to be normal or fancy?

With a question like that, who wants to be normal??

Today we’ll be discussing America’s favorite (not mine!) condiment. If they ruled ketchup as unbiblical, I’d be fine. (Just keep the Chick-fil-a associated items 🙂 )

Normal Ketchup

Normal ketchup is what we’ve always known. Nothing new here.

Fancy Ketchup

Fancy ketchup is Grade A ketchup according to the USDA. This is a higher rank than standard ketchups in Grade B and C. These grades are determined by color, consistency, presence of defects and flavor. WHO KNEW.

What You Should Be Picking

I actually don’t even like ketchup so I say neither. If you must choose, you cannot go wrong with being fancy. There’s not much evidence one is healthier than the other. Plus, it’s not like you’re going to eat a whole jug of ketchup… or are you??

Probably not a good source for info:

Fancy Ketchup on TODAY.com

This post was not a paid promotion for or against ketchup. I do approve this message, though.

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