Lift a Brother Up

I’ve been thinking about the shocking news of John Crist and the allegations he’s accused of and also admitted to. Why is this shocking? Is he portrayed in videos and pictures that he’s any more perfect than we are? Sometimes people, even myself, lift others up as having a better or more perfect life than we have, especially those in “celebrity” or “influencer” status and we don’t realize it until something like this occurs.

My good friend sent me this article that was very well written and highlighted some points I had been thinking but obviously couldn’t put in to the best words or phrases. I would encourage you read it!

Something I’ve been reading in 1 Peter was the “call to holy living.” What does holy mean? Holy is full devotion, putting faith in the One far greater and being more Christ like. Do we get to Jesus’ level overnight? No, of course not. Dose it take great effort, self-control, patience and obedience? Yes, of course it does. God chose us to be holy (1 Pet. 1:15-16) but if we just sit back and think that because we’re already chosen to be holy we can slack off… we’re wrong. In this passage in chapter two, it also says that God paid a ransom for us. He bought us. How did He do this? Through Jesus. This was God’s true Son. He was perfect just as God is. Will we ever meet that standard? I can guarantee no one will meet the standard of Jesus, we’re far too human for that. Jesus was not human, he was God in the flesh (1 Tim. 3:16, Col. 2:9). This spurred the thought that God only had one Son. The rest of us? We were adopted (Eph. 1:5). Is that a great kind of love? It’s not that we were just born to a father by chance. Our Father wanted us. He paid for us – He wanted us so much. What does it mean then?

We are on a completely different level that Jesus. Jesus is our pathway to God, but we aren’t level with Jesus. We’re not perfect. All that to say, why are we shocked that someone is fallen short of the glory of God? (Rom. 3:23) Are we not in the same boat? Our sin isn’t the same, but isn’t it all the same to God? We’ve had a multitude of sins in our lives. We’ve probably sinned in some form today. We’ve had to ask for forgiveness.

Am I saying this is an excuse? No. John should be held accountable for his actions. God doesn’t take away someone’s consequences just because they call on Him or call on the name of Jesus. God brings justice, but he also still loves. That’s justice. That’s discipline. I believe, as many others do, that God will use this to strengthen John’s faith. He’s struggling, but seeking help. He’s hurt others, but he’s also hurt by the guilt, shame and slander brought to him. Can we show some grace and lift a brother up in prayer?

We should also be praying for the victims. Some have renounced their Christian faith, I believe. I don’t understand the need to drop the faith when our faith is in Jesus Christ, not in a person and not John Crist himself. Jesus saved us in a way that no one else in the history of man has or ever will. Lift these women up and pray that their faith is restored, renewed and strengthened and that their faith is rightly placed in the One that gives light, hope and eternal peace.

What are your thoughts on this?

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