My Week – an update

As you probably read, I had a rough time with my computer at work. I’ve been given this opportunity by God to be patient and considerate. I’ve taken it. I had no choice but to have this trial, but my choice to persevere and be positive, friendly and calm is what matters.

Where am I now?

Well, my computer was actually fixed yesterday – my program works as it should now and JOE FROM I.T. MADE MY DAY. Shoutout to him for fixing it and answering all of my lame questions! Also, it was great timing because later that day I was in a situation where I REALLY needed that program to work properly.

While I’m here I’ll let everyone know about my struggles with needles and my yearly encounter with…. THE FLU SHOT. Yes, I usually have to make jokes about it before, during and after otherwise I’m just coocoo and could possibly faint, but #mylife.

Pictured here you will see my cute generic bandaid, making me look like the warrior…. of God… I am. Fighting these worldly battles like a boss. LOL

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