What Kind of Wishes Are You Percolating?

Why are wishes always warm and not cool? And what of room temperature wishes?

Warm Wishes

-literally everyone at some point

A common greeting. A generic temperature. These two things come together as a closing of a letter, email, etc., but… why?

Warm is used here because warm is associated with warmth and a kindness. This sentiment is similarly used in “Warm Regards,” and whatever else.

I find this laughable.

Personally, which I get that I’m not completely normal here, but I prefer “Cool wishes” or “Cool regards.” I would much rather feel cool than warm. Coolness means I can use my blankets and pillows at home. “Cool” is also used in the adjective form to mean awesome, calm, excellent, etc., which I find myself either saying or being on the daily… (jk on that last part).

So what about room temperature wishes? Wouldn’t that be weird? Somewhere in between cool and warm you’d have these neutral feels flowing through whatever message you’re conveying. Interesting.

Now, after considering this myself, I feel like every time in the future when I use “Warm wishes” or “Warm regards,” I’ll be thinking about “Cool wishes” or “Cool regards” instead. I of course would never put my thoughts or opinions into action because at this point it’s just a bit weird and out of the ordinary. Let it be known, that I will be thinking about it, though.

As much as I would like to end this with Cool wishes… Please excuse me while I drop some Warm wishes your way.

So what kind of wishes will you be percolating this week?

Until the next question 🙂


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  1. You could also say that someone’s attitude was cool, meaning not very friendly. And when someone gives you the cold shoulder, it means they are not talking to you at all. 🤷‍♀️

  2. Oh I thought of another one! When someone is hot, it could mean they’re angry. LOL. You have my mind rolling this morning!

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