The Chance by Karen Kingsbury

This is the first blog post in my new category “What is Summer reading now?” and I’m so excited! I’ve wanted to blog about books for a while, but I’ve had some self doubt going on – as usual – and I figured at this point, I should just go for it.

I’m actually kind of reading two books (when am I not tbh…), but this is the one I’m going to talk about because I’m going to finish this one first! 😃

Currently, the book in my lap is The Chance by Karen Kingsbury. From the first few pages, I was hooked and couldn’t it put it down. I love her writing and how captivating her writing is. She has a way of taking relatable situations and drawing the reader in just to reveal God’s mercy, forgiveness, and redemption.

This book is just like that.

I’ve just finished it and it ended in the heartwarming way like most books do, but it was still unexpected. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive, maybe a lot of the time. The Chance was encouraging and convicting in that way. After all that the family had been through, from the outside you would think “How could forgiveness come through that??”

It was a great read. God is good all the time. He has a plan even when we don’t. Everything works together and the impossible becomes possible when He is in control. *sigh* I want to read it again… but it’s a library book so I should probably return it now.

If you’re looking for a book about forgiveness and life long family dynamic changes… this is probably something you’d want to read.

Until my next book… #PeaceOut

What are your thoughts on this?

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