Summer’s World

I’m a Summer, in a Summer world… is that what this blog post is about?? No. I forgot the world doesn’t ACTUALLY revolve around me. 🙂 BUT THIS BLOG DOES 😃

Welcome to my blog! If you haven’t visited in a while or just haven’t noticed, a few changes are happening!

First, I’ve changed the background color to a darker shade, minimal, I know!

Second, I’ve created a NEW category called “What is Summer reading now?” which is probably self-explanatory, but I will post about current reads and stuff. I’m really excited for this one! I have so many great books on my shelf (should I just say IT IS FULL) to read and I might as well share some with my viewers and possibly have someone else enjoy these reads!

Thirdly, I’m continuing to change and experiment with some design stuff to make the blog not so blan. We’ll see! There’s also behind the scenes techy stuff I’m working through since I’m so NOT knowledgeable on said techy stuff. If you ever can’t load a page or something, blame me!

Fourth and finally, I have become consistent and post every Monday at 8am c/t. This has been a real struggle for me in the past, as you probably know, and I’m so glad that I’ve overcome this issue and can bring (quality???) content every week! Random posts will be thrown in for special occasions. I may be going to twice a week just because my content is going up, but DEFINITELY expect once a week on Mondays from yours truly! ❤️

Thank you for being a loyal follower and viewing my pastime. You’re the best.

Stay #ExtraSpiritual

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