Pineapple. Surely you’ve had one before? Have you had it on a pizza? (YUM.) Have you had it in a fruit salad? Or what if you just had a room full of pineapple dΓ©cor?? I’ve heard that’s the thing now… pineapples are everywhere – almost like pollen…

Pineapples are a tropical plant. Not my favorite fruit in the world, but definitely on some level of deliciousness. See image below if you’ve been living under a rock.

So where did they come from? Not so much the plant but the NAME… Why do they have a name combining two things that seem so unrelated? Pine and apple? WHAT?

According to (is this even a legitimate site?? Who knows…) and their history of pineapples… it says that the word pineapple was used in 1398 in the English language because of the pine-cone shape and juiciness of the fruit (like an apple?) which is I GUESS a nice answer and makes sense… and since it’s all we really have to believe. We’ll go with it.

What are your thoughts on this?

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