Car is bae and car is sitting in a bay…

People who know me know that my car is like my baby. My car has his (yes, HE) own Instagram and Twitter. He’s kind of a big deal! He has some pretty loyal followers too.

George Thomas (aka, my car) is a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GT *special edition* and so perfect to me 😍 He’s been in my life for 11 years now, almost 12. From learning how to drive and then developing professional driving and parking skills, he’s been a great car to have around.

(Isn’t he just 😍😍)


When he’s in the shop, it’s like the end of the world. There’s been just a few times he’s had to stay over at the mechanic. Sometimes it’s not so bad because some days I don’t really go anywhere or even want to go anywhere. Other times, it’s like all I want to do is go places and I CAN’T.

The past few days have been awkward. I miss George. Having George to drive gives me freedom, makes me happy, and makes me feel better when I’m down and just needing a drive.

George and I should reunite tomorrow afternoon. PATIENTLY WAITING (or am I?) He’ll be back to himself, better than before!

What are your thoughts on this?

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