Traumatizing Drive Home


My drive home from work was nice as usual. It wasn’t cold like in the morning, but not hot like it had been just a few weeks ago. I was just cruising along and noticed something at the top of my windshield flying around. I thought at first it was a leaf or something, but then it was actually a spider looking them. It was just RIGHT THERE so I thought maybe i could use the windshield washer fluid and the wipers to get it off. NOPE.

Then what do I notice…??? IT WAS ON THE INSIDE, NOT THE OUTSIDE. *shook*

Pure panic ensued. I was like Just let me keep my eye on it and dont lose it. SWEET BABY JESUS. It was crawling and I almost couldn’t stand it. I was about to pull over get out and call someone. I CANNOT EVEN.

I remembered I had a few napkins in my center console. I grabbed one when I get into the neighborhood and stopped at a stop sign. I hit that spider and GOT HIM. Yes. Made me feel so much better. But then I had to hold that napkin, wadded up, until I got home because what if I laid it down and it came back to life????

Anyway, very traumatic for me. First spider experience as the driver in a vehicle. At my age, the likelihood of that happening again is fair and I’m not looking forward to it.


I hope everyone is having a good start to their week!

What are your thoughts on this?

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