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I became an aunt (for the third time) at age 15. I was like… what? and then prayed it would be a nephew…. *wish granted*

The day he was born, I remember being excited but also afraid. I hadn’t really been around babies that I can remember and so I was lost on how to hold one, what to do. Especially if they cried… Like how do you know what they need or want? The simplest answer? You don’t really.

I was so excited to finally have someone like a little brother. Just the other day we had been talking and I said that I always wanted a brother and he was like… “I’m kind of like your brother, right?” Yes, totally. *lists reasons why he’s like a brother* Man, was I excited to play with Hot Wheels with that guy. Little did I know that not only would I have to wait YEARS for that experience… but we don’t play with Hot Wheels the same way even if I did try to teach him my way. HE’S PROGRESSING.

But between that span of years, waiting for THAT experience, I was able to watch him grow way too fast. I got to hold him quite a bit and he would fall asleep on me, which was fun until the drool started – he’s lucky he’s cute and I love him. I got to feed him, man did that kid eat as a child! I was never brave enough to eat the baby food… right, it’s our food only in like a smooshy form but really… #canteven… maybe someday. He LOVED the food train. Chuggachugga choochoo!! He’d laugh, eat, laugh, and then need a drink.

Every time I held him, I would want to hold him more. I wanted him to stay small forever. Innocent. Cute. Huggable. You can still find me trying to hold him as if he is still a baby or carry him from one room to the other (basically as far as I can go with him since he’s grown like a weed).

I love picking him up from Sunday school at church and him being excited about learning more about Jesus. He enjoys being read the Bible and now that he can read (to a certain level) he’s able to pick up scripture and read it himself. Watching him read anything makes me tremendously proud. He’s come a long way from not being able to enunciate for others to understand what he was saying. Plus, I’m an avid reader and of course I want the same for any child, but especially that guy! I love love taking him to the library and watching his excitement. And it’s summer time… which means… SUMMER READING PROGRAM šŸ˜€

Now he’s 6 years old and is getting closer and closer to my shoulders… as in by 5th grade he’s going to be taller than his Auntie….

Being an aunt has been the most wonderful experience in my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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