Today’s Gifts

Gifts From God:

  • forgiveness
  • salvation
  • freedom
  • a Father who is always there to call on, who listens, who teaches, who loves us – back to bullet no. 1
  • blessing me with a grandma who cooks me burgers (pictured below) that are ready as I walk in the door right after work 

Other notable gifts, may or may not be from God:


Maybe these cookies I received are a gift from God but… probably not the healthiest gift He’s given me…. BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD. They landed on my desk after we received our supply order today, they’re Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. If you’ve had these, you know.


Also from an order, we received for free, and my boss is a lamb and let me keep it!! So this was like a gift from her! It’s super cute (pictured below).


Though my laptop computer keeps failing to update properly, it has restored the ability to change the brightness after like 3 years of struggling with that.

As I type this, I’m finishing up my dinner and have started drinking peppermint mocha iced coffee… without the ice. GO FIGURE.


I hope you find the little gifts you receive every day and hold them close!

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