First day of class, Spring 2018

As you probably know, my first day of class was yesterday and it was pretty fabulous. It could have been better, but all in all, not too bad.

To recap:

I got to campus pretty early, got about the same spot on the street as usual (after watching someone jump the curb to get the spot in front of me, which I was aiming for…). Class was aight… as in ANOTHER GROUP PROJECT IN ANOTHER CLASS? I thought the fall semester was going to be my last semester of class involving presentations and group work. I’m devastated, peeps, completely devastated. It wouldn’t be THAT bad if I knew people in there but I only know a few and we are merely aquaintances. That could change, yes, but seeing as in the syllabus it states that groups are assigned second week of class, GOOD LUCK GETTING ME TO TALK THAT QUICKLY. Anywho. There’s that…

After class I head on over to my favorite job (did I say favorite? Oops, sorry bookstore! Accounting is my dream 😍) and oh my worrrrrrrd… started off thinking there were only 2 invoices. Then that shot up to 15 real quick. But wait, THERE’S MORE. Mail time! 2 mail boxes full od invoices. From one single company. *floored* I begin trying to break into these boxes, okay, and to just think about all the invoices in these mail boxes… on top of trying to open said box…???? So 10am to 5pm, nothing but stamping, scanning, and typing info. It was great! I had two cups of hot chocolate (because who said one was enough…?) as well as some cheese crackers and chips, since I worked through lunch.

Afterward, I got home to deal with a textbook dilemma… BRACE YOURSELVES.

My accounting course requires an access code. Why? ~in the syllabus, no where does it say there is assigned homework in this access area online. I suspect the access is strictly for etext access. NOT COOL. I am a physical textbook type learner and etext is just a stumbling block for me. I already have the access code purchase but no scratched off which is perfffff because then I can return it if need be, WHICH I HOPE AND PRAY I CAN. Anyway, I’m ordering a textbook regardless. I have emailed the professor for clarification on the necessity of the access card as well as trying to find a free trial of the online access until the physical copy of the text comes in because yours truly has homework to get done by Wednesday at 9am 🙂

Today was probably one of the best first days of class I’ve had because I wasn’t really nervous and I only had the one class to prepare for. It was a nice change.

Also! Those big changes and events I mentioned previously in a prior post, yeah, here we go!

I have the opportunity to intern with my company, allowing me to have more hours and more knowledge gained from this venture! I will have a greater opportunity to gain the skills I need while still in my last semester of undergrad. I AM SO EXCITED. This is also why I currently only have one class to worry about. For now.

Until next time,

Summer 😊

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