Essays. Exams. All the E’s that are not so “E”asy…

This week, as you probably know, is finals week. I have an exam today, on Thursday, an essay due Friday morning, and then an exam on Monday of next week (that I’m not worried about).
This essay though… I’ve picked my topic as addiction and how that relates to responsibility, what responsibility is there and if so how much, etc. I will also talk about how awareness of addiction effects that level of responsibility.

Warning: You are basically about to read about my topic and my beliefs currently on the elements of addiction and how we attribute responsibility to addicts.Β 

I believe that at the beginning, someone chooses to take that first step into the behavior, whatever it may be, after that, they have caused the addiction to form. But I also think that many factors go into this behavior, like the environment they have grown up in or they have been a part of prior to their behavior. Which, in our society, most people do not care about the environment because choices were made, regardless of the forces around them. Because of how the society views this, drug users for example are treated as criminals instead of getting clinical and professional help they need and deserve to get their life back in order.

Although they do need and deserve this help, should they have to admit they have a problem? They most likely will not admit to their addiction for some time, which can be infuriating and heartbreaking for those who love them. No matter what, those around them know they need help, but would it also be bad to force them into rehab, where they could escape and retaliate in order to get their fix?

Maybe this depends on that person’s inner personality, if it’s still there. Many times, those who suffer from what many psychologists call this “disease,” they have a personality disorder.

Anyway, this blog post is really me trying to get my ideas out there, I didn’t have my laptop when I started this and only had my phone – long story short, you got to read about my essay topic! Lucky you!

Heads up for my next blog topic… surveys! Maybe. We’ll see. Stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on this?

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