My Eyeopening Adventure and Misfortunes

Somehow, in my 4 years here at the university, I missed the third floor of the library, even the fourth, really. I guess, I’m not curious enough to venture places I don’t know beforehand or if I don’t need to be there, I don’t go check it out. Completely missed a really cool area and more. I haven’t really been to the library in so long, which obviously reduces the chances of me even coming into contact with the area. My first year here, all I did was wander around the library. Like, I don’t even know how I had As that first year as much as I just wasted time, it makes me wonder… but anyway, I just never even knew that was a floor. I noticed people going up a set of steps but thought for SOME REASON that it was an attic or like a lofty space for intellectuals…?? No idea. But that’s on my mind right now. How I overlook simple things like complete floors of a library, especially when I love books and libraries…

Another note…

I went down to the main level to the cafe and was completely disappointed by the size of their size tall. It’s smaller than Starbucks’ size tall and is not reflected as such in price. What defense do they have? None, besides maybe supplies (MAYBE) and the lack of input the workers probably have in what cup size they are supplied… Lesson learned: always leave campus first and go to Starbucks on your way home. Although… I was NOT subject to tax here because I used my campus card. I guess, I can’t become TOO salty about the situation, although I am ever so slightly.

Overall, my venture into the library after a very long break from it has been eyeopening.

It is finals season once again here and if I do blog during the next two weeks, I’m sure it’ll include stressful topics or how I am ignoring responsibilities in an effort to remain sane. I hope you all are doing well and if you, too, are in final season, know that I can relate and I hope you rock those exams 🙂

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