My Personal Double Standards: Christmas Edition

I don’t know about y’all but I have this double standard I have that I’m trying to reconcile…

This time of year, most of November, many people are gearing up for the Christmas “season.” Why call it a season? Is it because there are people who decorate the first week of November with not much thought to the fact that Thanksgiving sequentially falls BEFORE Christmas???

As you can see… there’s a little bit of mild hostility on my part to this behavior of decorating so soon… While I am over here watching Christmas movies on Hallmark with no problem, even though those started basically on Halloween. See my dilemma?

When is it too soon for decorations? When is it too soon for caroling and the playing of Christmas music? When is it too soon for movies?

To be honest, there IS Christmas in July, signaling to ME at least that Christmas movies are fine all year round because it’s classic entertainment people… seriously. And if you don’t have Hallmark in your life, come over to my house and you can get Hallmarked! Just kidding, I’m too antisocial for that kind of hospitality so…

Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

What are your thoughts on this?

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