Today’s Misfortunes

In my undergraduate law class, I’m constantly missing the sign-in sheet. Our professor starts the sheet right in front of me on the first row, somehow it stops or gets passed down the row and then back instead of through each row like a typical sign-in sheet should… like why… So he says we can email him and let him know we were there and prepared for class. This happens to me quite a bit. Like if it’s not in front of me, I tend to forget that there’s a sign-in sheet. I remember an hour later after I’ve had lunch and am sitting down at a computer a block away from the law building. I’m going to be really bummed out at the end of the semester if he bumps my score DOWN for loss of attendance when I was actually there but other people are just not being considerate… just kidding. I’ll give them a break… it’s a 9am class on a T/Th and maybe they didn’t have their coffee or breakfast (every T/Th though? Sorry.)

So today that happened. I had just emailed him at the beginning of class because I remembered I didn’t sign it on Tuesday and I was like hey, ya know… this “system” of passing it around isn’t working. Then what happened??? I missed it again!! So I just sent him that second email of the day… about the same topic.

Rant over (til next time).

What are your thoughts on this?

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