A Bibliophile’s Path Forward in April

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ You’re in for a long post with many books.

14 in all (only 13 reflected in GoodReads in case you’re wondering). Normally I prepare my book posts as I go, as I finish books, so that I can have this post pretty ready by the 1st of the following month. That’s my goal anyway. This month? Nope. I had to do half the prep afterward because I was so busy reading and diving into other things that I didn’t get back here too often. That’s fine though, no one holds me to this schedule except me! LOL.

Hello, and welcome to my blog post outlining everything I read in April! It was a big month. We celebrated Resurrection Sunday this month, that was big, right?

Praise Jesus, He is RISEN!!

Book wise, I guess you could say it was a big reading month as well. Here’s what I read:

Dreaming with God: A Bold Call to Step Out and Follow God’s Lead by Sarah Beth Marr


I wasn’t sure when I picked up this book from my shelf if I would agree with it or find it to be Biblically accurate. I’ve had this book a while and started reading it years ago, but just got busy and eventually said I’ll get back to it someday.

This book surprised me and I found it really useful! She does talk about dancing and being a ballerina throughout which I obviously can’t relate to, but it was easily explained and good references.

The premise of the book is that you can dream your dreams and that not all will be what God has for you or that by aligning your dreams to what God has for you, you may find new dreams that God will fulfill in His timing and in ways you didn’t expect. Tuning yourself to God will give you peace in where you are and the unknown of what’s ahead – whether that’s a step toward your dream or just what may be next in what God has for you.

In that way, I can relate and it’s encouraging to know that dreaming in itself isn’t a bad thing, but relying on dreams more than the Creator can obviously be.

The book also has questions for reflections after each chapter and plenty of space to write notes and mark up. 🙂

The biggest impact we can make on the world is to be close to Jesus, and following our dreams with the Lord becomes the road map to a deeper relationship with Him.

Pg 17

Surrendering our dreams means surrendering not only the outcome of our dreaming journeys but also the road map to getting there.

Pg 47

Each of us is called to love God and to love others. God doesn’t mean for your calling to be a big secret that only He knows and that you are constantly trying to figure out. Fulfilling your calling means pressing into your relationship with Jesus.

Pg 124

God is our portion and our cup; He has assigned us just the right amount of what we need to do the things He wants to do through us. He has assigned us the correct qualifications, experiences, and personality and character traits we will need.

Pg 125

Over and over again through the book, Sarah Beth Marr points the reader to God’s word. She encourages us to seek God through His Word and to spend intentional time with Him, to include God in our dreams and to truly live a Jesus-centered life. That’s so important!! I loved this.

On Calvary’s Hill: 40 Readings for the Easter Season


Another book I’ve had for a hot minute. This was a great book! Max Lucado walks through, over a 40 day period, the events leading up to Jesus’s death and subsequent reactions and outcome by analyzing in short blurbs the people themselves and what that may mean to us today when looking back.

He died for us. A divine plan that gave us freedom from death.

Rules for Leadership, Life and Career by John A Brock


I found this handy little booklet at an estate sale – where I find many books! It was a short and insightful book that appears to have been first written for a family as something to pass down through the generations. Though it wasn’t spiritually motivated per-say, it easily could be. He sets out to have these “rules” and tips as a way to live life, have good character and integrity in all aspects.

A great reference book that’s literally pocket size.

A Grief Observed by C S Lewis


If you’re looking for a sad read… might be it for you. CS Lewis penned this one over the loss of his wife. He was distraught, understandably so, and wrestled with God. Why did this happen?

Could be comforting to those who have loss someone so close to them and have walked through darkness, have questioned God and have asked Why?

Not my favorite I guess, given the subject matter, but true to CS Lewis writing style.

A Novel Proposal by Denise Hunter


What is not to love about a Denise Hunter book?

I loved that this was a novel about a novel being written that was inspired by the real life events of the characters – if that makes sense.

As usual, character development, the wittiness, the scene and setup of this whole thing… cute.

A stand alone novel while I await more from my favorite author. I have no further words but this short and sweet praise.

The Do-Over by Bethany Turner


I started this in February and had to reluctantly let it sit in my “currently reading” pile during Lent – my own decision there. 😢

It was so easy to pick back up and finish where I left off! Bethany Turner rom-coms are hilarious and sometimes just outright unbelievable. I love them though.

In this one, our main gal, McKenna, is approaching 40 and she learns, most unfortunately, that she might die due to some family curse is she doesn’t marry by 40! Among other life’s unfortunate circumstances and adventures, she’s whisked through a leave of absence from her high class job with the flair that is only true of rom-coms.

When I started this book, I thought I knew the direction it was going, but I was surprised and it was for the best! Adding another Bethany Turner book to my favorite list.

Not Until Someday by Valerie M Bodden


I may have said this about all of the previous 6 stories in this series… but I think this was my favorite lol

I LOVE Valerie M Bodden’s writing. She honestly makes it seem so easy with the character development, the feels, the realistic vibes and genuine faith journeys mixed in. WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR?

This is book 7 in the Hope Springs series. 8 and 9 are in my TBR pile and will be read soon.

Not Until Christmas by Valerie M Bodden


A one hour novella read. This is supposed to be the prequel to the Hope Springs Series. It was okay, but nothing spectacular. Valerie M Bodden books – that I’ve read – have only been full length books and she writes SO SO SO WELL, that this one was a let down in comparison. Still good though. I may also just be bummed it wasn’t longer with more background and development.

Reflections of Love by Valerie M Bodden


This isn’t on GoodReads. WHY NOT? Not sure.

This book I got free from a link through Bodden’s Instagram linktree! I thought it was just a novella like Not Until Christmas but apparently not that short! Took me a while longer to read than anticipated.

After reading Not Until Someday, I recognized the brother from that book being the main character in Reflections of Love. That was cool!

It was a predictable, second-chance romance feel-good, faith filled read. 🙂

This starts off the River Falls series which is like a bridge from the Hope Springs series book #7 lol

(Cover on GoodReads doesn’t match my edition)

Not Until Now by Valerie M Bodden


Y’all. When I first started this one, like others who have left comments on GoodReads, our main guy, Cam, is a real jerk. I didn’t like him but soon he started improving and I just love that guy by the end. 🥺

This was a heart-wrenching read full on the topics of forgiveness, grief and loss, and family dynamics.

Was it a tear jerker? Yep. Did I love it? Sure did!!

Book #8 in the Hope Springs series. (Cover on GoodReads doesn’t match my edition)

Not Until Then by Valerie M Bodden


This one was slightly thicker than the others by maybe 50 pages. It was deep. Like I got teary eyed. These characters struggled with things in their pasts and of course they overcome (is that really spoiling it? Read Bodden’s author story and you know already! Lol), but getting to the end was heart wrenching but also beautiful. I loved these characters and their development.

This is book #9 in the Hope Springs series. Apparently the LAST.

I’ll be starting Bodden’s next series SOON.

Dear Henry, Love Edith by Becca Kinzer


If I could give this more than five stars…

I LOVED this book. I’ve had it a while (not that long, I think it’s only been months) and I wish I had read it SO much sooner. It’s one of my all time favorites now. Did I mention I love it???

The mistaken identity, misconstrued terminology trope was super cute and hooked me from the start. The small town happenings and gossip was hilarious. Speaking of which, most of the book had me laughing and at least twice I had to sit the book down so I could laugh and get my breath back. I don’t remember when I’ve ever laughed so hard reading a book!!!

As someone who loves comedy and always a good romcom… that’s what makes this a five star read for me. Plus the characters and their story of working through their issues and realizing the important things in life. All the heart eyes.

Lumberjacks & Ladies by Jennifer Lamont Leo, Naomi Musch, Candice Sue Patterson, & Pegg Thomas


When I bought this book (last year 😳) I was excited to read it, but it wasn’t like a book to keep my attention, especially the first two stories. The second two that I read this last week were better and I enjoyed the last story the most.

If you’re into lumberjack romances, might be your thing. I thought it’d be mine 🙂

A Heart Worth Stealing by Joanna Barker


The reviews were right on this one. So swoony and Jack Travers. Ugh. I loved his character.

This was all mystery and cute regency. A Heart Worth Stealing was the first book I’ve read by Joanna Barker whom I think I came across on a book blog, but I happened to pick this up at one of my many trips to the bookstore this past month on my search for an entirely different book in which was not found at said bookstore. Anyway, all ended well, obviously.

Thanks for reading these many hundreds of words today! Share your April reads in the comments! ❤️

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  1. What a nice surprise to find your post when I checked the Jetpack app on my lunch break. I have not read any of the books on your list. But Wow. You packed it in this month! They all sound good. I will have to add some to my wish list.

    By the way you can add books to GoodReads yourself. If you are looking at the list of books by a certain author, scroll down to the end of the list and there will be a link to add. Easy to miss. But once I knew about it, I have done it several times. They will ask for a bunch of info. I don’t fill out all the boxes, just the ones I know the answers to. And you can also add a picture of the cover. There is a link on the right hand side of that form. Again easy to miss.

    The books I completed in April were:
    – “3 Minute Mornings” by Joel Osteen. A very inspiring devotional with quick and easy chapters. Joel Osteen always makes me feel hopeful.
    – “10 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Bible” by Shanna Noel. An encouraging book that helps you find ways to get more out of your Bible reading.
    – “Psalm 23 Bible Study” by Jennifer Rothschild. This is the second time I have gone through this. I don’t normally opt to read a book a second time, since my TBR pile is always busting at the seams. So that means this book was exceptional enough to read again.
    – “Turn to Me” by Becky Wade. The final book in the series. All of the books were amazing. The second was my fave. And Becky Wade is now a “must read” for me.
    – “You’re Going to Make It” by Lysa TerKeurst. This was a good devotional but a lot of had to do with relationships and boundaries. So not exactly universal for all. But there were lots of pretty pictures that she took from the Outer Banks, NC.

    1. Summer says:

      I did pack it in 🤣 I surprised myself! I’m ahead on my reading goal, but I think you’re ahead of me!!

      I will have to try that soon!! I really need that book added. I think there’s been some other books not on GoodReads in the past, never knew you could add them so that’s a great thing to know. Thank you for passing along!!

      That Psalm 23 book sounds great! I know I marked that as want to read.
      It makes me happy to have Becky Wade shared as a “must read” author 🥺❤️
      I haven’t read anything by Lysa yet but I have two of her books I think! I’ve heard great things.


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