An Introvert’s Thursday at the Office

Wednesday… (yes, the post is about Thursday, I’ll get there!) I was mildly stressed. I have had stress, really more like anxiety I guess, about going to the office on a particular Thursday for a week. Wednesday I was like, I am not going to sleep… I just know it. Obviously I did (that actually may not be obvious, but I did make it through the day, so that’s telling I suppose).

Why was I so uptight about going to the office???

Let me go back in time even further to a period where life was simpler, yet not as coddling to my introverted tendencies.

It was March of 2020 when we were sent home to work remotely (for those in corporate office jobs who could work remotely using a laptop and a couple of monitors) and we were told this would last a few weeks. Fine. I’ll deal. I honestly wasn’t that thrilled about working from home. Sure, that was going to be cool, but knowing (we thought!!) it would only last a short while, don’t get used to it was in the back of my mind.

In two years’ time, I started sleeping til the last minute more often than I was getting up early and doing some reading, getting dressed in real clothes, getting an early start on hydration, etc. Also, in that time, I got so used to being at my desk in my room and not seeing or talking to anyone except my grandma during my normal working hours. With the help of Teams, I saw people through a camera lens, and that has mostly satisfied my need for social interaction.

Now that brings us to present day (yesterday).

I woke up on time. I drove downtown in the misty fog. It wasn’t precipitating when I parked so my coworker and I were able to walk in together with one of the engineers without using our umbrellas. Well, the door we go in wasn’t working so we had to walk around to the front door, but *shrug.*

Two hours later we had our first meeting of the day. I say first because there were three.

In this meeting we had breakfast served and it was a town hall meeting for finance that talked about accomplishments, highlighted some points of improvement that the ELTs are looking to grow in or accomplish, and talk about what’s to come in the new year (or two!). A blooper was when our CFO was standing close to the Christmas tree that was up and sort of close to one of our VPs who was conducting a Q&A at the end of the meeting. Keep in mind I was about to fall asleep during almost this whole meeting – not because it was boring necessarily, but because I had not had my Arbonne energy fizz yet. Nevermind that I had just had a muffin and some fruit and water. Anyway!! The CFO was moving around, moved a small Orange cone from the decorative snow that was on the floor to on top of a wrapped box under the tree. He then stepped on this little button on the floor and it turned off the lights that were on the tree and everyone looked and so he stepped on it again and they came back on. Everyone laughed and the VP was like okay???? Lol I don’t know if he knew what all happened. It was hilarious. Our CFO moved the cone back to the button to cover it up – it’s original purpose.

After that meeting, we had about an hour to get some work done and then head to our lunch meeting with a few of our finance ops groups. This is where my high tier introversion comes into play. Our department walks in together and we, along with everyone else, are told to not sit together. We need to sit at least a chair away from each other so we can get to know other people. *gasp* Imagine having to socialize.

It actually wasn’t bad! It was good. I love this group of people and even though it was my first time meeting a good portion of them and putting faces with names, I felt like we were all closer because of our time together! It made things so much more interesting when there were two of us named Summer and our last names both start with R. 🙂 Funny enough, she’s one of my direct reports. We have a great time in our dept with that, but people outside our dept are just confused. I made a comment when addressed as Summer #2 that I was here first. 😄 I’m fully expecting to be called Summer #2 again at some point though. Lol

We had to go around the room and introduce ourselves, what department we’re from, how long we’ve been with the company and an interesting fact about ourselves. Instant nerves at that announcement. It came to be my turn and all was fine. I was just glad to get it over with.

All in all, it was fun and I enjoyed mingling with new people. It was really tiring though, being around a few extroverts and all. Lol

Once the meeting came to a close, we went back to our cubicles to get some work down for about an hour and a half more before our third and final meeting started.

I packed up my things and headed to the meeting when it was time. I had 30 minutes to sit in this fraud risk workshop before I had to bounce for a dentist appointment. This meeting thankfully didn’t need any input, at least while I was there, and so it was somewhat nice to just sit and listen to the guest speaker.

Onto the dentist appointment I went and intermittently talked to my dental hygienist while she cleaned my teeth for like 8th time in my life. After 4 years, we’re cool with each other! 😀

Oh, and my teeth were fine, as they have been since elementary school when I had my last cavity. I did have a scratch on the roof of my mouth because I know that I ate something hot (temperature) at least twice just in the past week, so I’m pretty sure it was more like a burn mark. So that’s been fun – it’s been sore.

Siting home hours later, I was wore out and feeling overstimulated.

Today may include a nap after putting in 4 more hours of work. At least. I have a lot to do so it may take longer, but it’ll be in the comfort of PJs and in my own home. 🙂

Thanks for reading 1300+ words about a social filled work day in the life of an accounting supervisor who’s an introvert! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I definitely understand where you are coming from 💯 %! I am very much an introvert and stress over these type of things as well. I am so glad everything turned out okay overall! 🙌

    1. Summer says:

      Yes, I’ve never had so many in person meetings in one day. 😄 Lol I’m glad it was better than my low expectations, too!

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