It’s All Good

It’s with an uncertain and shook heart that I write my feelings of this week to my dear readers.

I’m not good with keeping up with blog updates on my boring life here, but maybe I can spin this to be fairly interesting. I have little hope.



That’s what other people have in my this week. Myself? Not so much.

At the beginning of this week, Tuesday in fact, which felt much like a Monday and threw off my whole week (thanks, Labor Day!), an announcement came to my department that my manager would be moved to a team of individuals that would oversee a project. That project would start a few months down the road and would last a few years – however long that extensive project would take.

While this is mostly a selfish post of my woes, I’m incredibly happy for her. No one deserves that opportunity more than her. If you knew her work ethic and kindness, you’d feel the same.

As the second in command in the department, even I didn’t know. Thinking about it even brings tears to my eyes because of the uncertainty that comes with it because I love my manager and I depend on her for all of my questions – which have lessened the longer I’ve been in my role, but still.

I don’t know if anyone in upper management is even thinking of me to temporarily fill her role, but a few people have brought it up and here’s where the lack of faith comes in. 😀

Sure, I’m just getting used to being a supervisor over five people and I’ve learned a lot, but I am a far cry from being ready to step into my managers role with limited if no help from her while she’s busy working on other things.

Along those lines… what happens when someone else steps in? It’ll be an adjustment and I’m needing God to help me with the anxiety soon.

It’s been a short week, but it feels like it’s been weighted down with this news.

Whether because of the anxiety associated with my work changes or merely because I decided to stay up Tuesday night to finish Denise Hunter’s new book the day it released… I haven’t been able to get much reading done. It’s only fitting that I read a great book and then can’t get into anything else. I’ve read 85 pages of a book since then, which might be a lot for some people, but not for me, as you might know!

I discovered that the Ozarka water bottles we got from Reasor’s (local grocery store) look different than the Ozarka water bottles we get from Walmart. WHY?

And the Ozarka bottles from Reasor’s specifically say “Oklahoma’s Own” and so… since we no longer have currently any bottles that came from Walmart… I wonder if they too said that or if they were “regular” Ozarka? I don’t even know what that means anymore!

Ending this post on a brighter note…

This afternoon I get to pick up my nephew from his new school a couple of towns away! He had been going to our neighborhood school until my sister moved him to their home district for this school year going forward. I’m excited to see his surprised face when I’m there to bring him home for the weekend! 😀 they grow up so fast and time is FLYING.


Til next time! ❤️

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  1. I’m sorry about the situation at work. I definitely understand the worries with the unknown. I pray that everything works out well for you… I knew you would finish Denise Austin’s book before me, but I was still blown away when I saw you read it all on the first day. I am only on chapter 6 LOL… About the water, I wonder if they have different labels for Walmart because Walmart is across the country? Just a thought… And yay about your nephew. I hope you enjoy your time with him and have a good weekend.

    1. Summer says:

      Thank you!
      Lol!! I thought you’d finish it this week 🙂 it was good, no spoilers!!
      Maybe so… like different distribution channels.
      Thank you again ❤️ we’re going to have a good time!

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